Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World Desserts

In the fort town of La Rochelle, France, a tantalizing bakery held at least twenty flavors of macarons, which I readily sampled: lavender, lemon, bluegrass (?!), jasmine, chocolate, rose, pistachio, and many more... I have later attempted to recreate this fabulous "sandwich cookie" on a couple of occasions. I have yet to be successful but trust that I will complete the challenge, sometime soon. Have you ever worked hard to make a dessert from another place? Is one of your reasons for doing so, to relive the experience, and feel that you are actually in another country, another time, or another ambience? If you haven´t been much interested in cooking, you still might be interested in eating them. If so, that is what this blog is about. I will write about one culinary adventure once a week.